Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Hello blogosphere.

So anyways... here's my thesis.

Although physical violence is damaging to a person's physical health, retaliation towards bullies should be condoned in pre-collegiate education so that the victimized students won't suffer more harmful verbal or emotional abuse.


  1. I'm really interested to see where you go with this idea. I'm not sure I agree with you, but maybe you'll convince me. Good luck!

  2. Ruskin, I’m with you the whole way on this issue. Since I come from a smaller school (50 in my graduating class) we were all like brothers and sisters, so we took care of each other. Yeah, we didn’t always get along, but give it a day or two (after a fight or something) and whatever it was didn’t really matter anymore because we were family (not literally). Now, I don’t care if it’s the bully at school, the gangs downtown, or a terrorist organization- we have the responsibility and obligation to stop them by the best means necessary to protect the innocent and our own. Great Topic!

  3. Thanks guys!

    Owen-My school was a school of 3200, 700 in my graduating class. Things were a little different. Having said that, I had plenty of friends and we had a tightish group. But there were kids who would love to harass others and sometimes things got out of hand. I got in a few fights and it worked out great. But I got lucky because they amped up the punishment to a 10-day suspension my sophomore year.

    We do have a "responsibility and protect the innocent and our own." This is gonna be a fun paper.

  4. Nice picture Ruskin! Oh, and your topic is legit too:)