Monday, February 27, 2012

These are some issues

Political Debates
Why political debates have do not reflect what politicians actually think. Nor do they help people pick a good president.

Rock on.  *Note-In response to the limited number of pictures on creative commons, I have decided to take many pictures myself.  Sorry for the bad quality.
Auto-Tune must die
It's true.  Auto-tune has destroyed all talent from our society today.  This is horrible.  This would be an analyzation of pop music in general.

Violence in Schools
Why male children need to be MORE physically violent in schools.
Why verbal abuse has replaced physical abuse and why this is bad for a boy's growth.


  1. Woosh, Cecil. Adding a picture of President Samuelson is a great way to use visual rhetoric. Nice job! haha

  2. I took it myself!

    He would be a great president by the way. So amazing.