Friday, March 16, 2012

Guys I'm in a Hotel!

Guys I'm in San Diego!  And It's way fun!  So I'm here with my family for my dad's annual dermatology conference and I'm psyched to be away from Provo for a little bit.  I mean Provo's great if you like dollar movies... and pizza... and ice cream... but I must admit San Diego's quite a delight.  The weather's nice, the food is better than the Cannon, and I get to sit in the lobby in my socks writing a blog post.  There's food everywhere and I'm concerned by my lack of care for school right now.  BYU doesn't have a Spring Break, but if it did I believe it would be comparable to this.  Partying, Partying (yeah!)

 I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing this weekend but I'm fairly confident it will be a blast.  I missed you all in class on Friday (especially Chris), but don't worry, I'll be back soon enough.  Adios!


  1. Sounds like fun. I feel like half our class left for the weekend...

  2. Nice Ruskin! I wish I could get away too! So true about dollar movies and pizza and ice cream haha.

  3. Katelynn-I'm sorry:( I'm back though!

    Johnny-Can't get enough of Bishop's Bash and Tangled.


  4. I saw you sitting outside the Cannon Center, and then I saw Tess walking down the hill as I was walking up. SO needless to say, I quickly checked my email to see if class had been canceled...which it hadn't and I was sad.

    1. Sorry... My shuttle was arriving shortly... I missed you guys.

  5. What's with everyone in our class going off to SanDiego for the weekend? It's like a trend or something, I feel. haha Hope you had a blast and I'm sure you did! Welcome back to Provo though...and welcome back to the snow. haha